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Rendering Game Objects with Cameras

Assignment 05 One of the core concepts of a game is the idea of a camera object that acts as the player's view into the simulated game world. This assignment had us create such a concept by utilizing a basic physics structure to simulate movement. The result is a small demo where you can move…
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Multithreading Graphics and Applications with Reference Counting

Assignment 04 This assignment had us move all mesh and effect instantiation into another project outside of Graphics. The target project was our own game project, where we can create different meshes with different effects without touching the Graphics code at all! The game project is also an application that takes real-time input so I've…
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Encapsulation of Views and using Index Buffers for Meshes with Direct3D and OpenGL

Assignment 03 This assignment focused on making Graphics completely platform-independent and using Index Buffers to draw meshes. Try it out here! Encapsulating Views To make Graphics platform-independent, the first thing I did was look at all the differences between Graphics for Direct3D and OpenGL. From this, I noticed the core differences were initialization and cleanup…
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Encapsulating Meshes and Shaders for Direct3D and OpenGL

This biggest thing I got from this assignment was the technique of refactoring a large class without much previous experience with it. The core of creating a Mesh and Effect class was to migrate platform specific code outside of Graphics files into a interface that hides the differences between Direct3D and OpenGL. This not only…
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