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Writing and Reading Binary Mesh Files

Assignment 08 This assignment had us create binary files out of human-readable files for our meshes. The result looks no different from last time, but all the meshes are now stored in a binary file behind the scenes. Try it out here! The controls are the same as last time where you can move the…
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Exporting Custom Maya Meshes

Assignment 07 Maya's development kit gives end users the ability to create their own plugin that can export a mesh from Maya in a custom format. This allows us to take advantage of third-party software so that artists using our game engine can create meshes without editing text files! The result is a game that…
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Asset Handles and Human Readable Files with Lua

Assignment 06 One of the core parts of a game engine is being able to read in external files to alter in game objects. We've already been doing this with effects, but this assignment had us apply the same idea to meshes. Eventually, this will allow us to import meshes from external programs like Maya!…
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