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Filtering, MIP Maps, Alpha Cutoff, and Animation

Filtering, MIP Maps, Alpha Blending, and Animation Introducing textures into a graphics pipeline also comes with several new problems. However, several new possibilities come with textures as well! Nearest Neighbor & Bilinear Filtering One of the main problems textures come with is that they are an image with a certain resolution. This is fine if…
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Rendering Textures

Rendering Textures One of the most common, but useful assets graphics systems support is textures. Textures are simply an image file that can be used in shaders to give meshes a variety of detail. How this works is that the vertex shader can pass texture coordinates to the fragment shader to use for sampling what…
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Alpha Transparency

Alpha Transparency A common graphical behavior artists and programmers want to author is transparency. However, transparency creates a couple problems in our graphics pipeline due to the nature of being able to see through objects. Draw Order The first problem comes up in the order we draw objects. If we treated transparent objects the same…
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Abstracting Shaders with Materials

Abstracting Shaders with Materials Shaders are an incredibly powerful tool for programmers and artists to dictate how meshes are rendered on screen. However, because they are primarily code, abstracting away the need to edit them in a text editor can greatly increase iteration time. This is where the concept of materials come in. Materials mainly…
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