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Specular Lighting & Point Lights

Specular Lighting & Point Lights One of the biggest aspects of lighting that tell us about the surface we're looking at is specularity. Specular lighting is light that we see when it is reflected rather than scattered by an object. This creates highlights on the object that make it appear glossy or smooth depending on…
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Sprites and UI

Sprites and UI While thinking about the graphics pipeline, most of us may be envisioning getting a 3D mesh from a program like Maya rendered on screen by a game engine. However, artists and designers also may find the need for simple 2D sprites on screen for UI or even making a completely 2D game!…
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Color Accuracy & sRGB

Color Accuracy & sRGB Part of being a graphics programmer means understanding how the human eye and mind perceive light. This comes into play with sRGB as we recreate visuals on a computer display. sRGB Color Space sRGB is a color space that matches the way that humans perceive light. But why would we need…
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Directional & Ambient Lighting

Directional & Ambient Lighting Perhaps the most visually stunning part of a graphics system that breathes life into objects it renders is lighting. While the current hot topic in this area is real-time ray tracing, most games running in the years before rarely had the computational budget to simulate lighting accurately. We'll see this reflected…
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