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Assignment 07

Maya's development kit gives end users the ability to create their own plugin that can export a mesh from Maya in a custom format. This allows us to take advantage of third-party software so that artists using our game engine can create meshes without editing text files! The result is a game that can use meshes built with Maya. Try it out here!

The controls are the same as last time where you can move the camera forward/backward by using the Up/Down Arrows and Left/Right using the Left/Right Arrows. You can also move the cube Up/Down using the W/S keys and Left/Right using the A/D keys.

Maya Mesh Exporter Project

For the Maya Mesh Exporter Project, I needed to add a reference to the Windows project in the Engine. No projects depended on the Maya Mesh Exporter Project as it's more of an external tool for Maya. I didn't export the unused data from Maya because it's currently unnecessary and adding it now would be overengineering.

After adding it correctly, the project can also be debugged by attaching Visual Studio to a live Maya process as shown below:

Too Many Vertices

Now that we're using third-party software to create meshes, it becomes much easier to create assets outside the limits of our engine. One case is the possibility of a mesh with more vertices than expected. If this happens, my code will log the path of the mesh with too many vertices and have the game stop initializing.


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