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Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown! is a trade show demo I made for Cirque Corporation utilizing their VR Grip controllers. These controllers allow for fine finger tracking, which enables users to make unique hand gestures such as the shapes used in Rock, Paper, Scissors. The game was developed using Unity and C# and was demoed at CES 2018.

It was a 1 person project where I handled the entire implementation and design. This includes:

  • Gesture recognition for specific hand shapes such as those found in rock, paper, scissors
  • Trackpad swiping gestures for changing hand skins in between games
  • Singleton managers for separate Game, UI, and Input systems
  • Animated and resizable UI using animations and button transitions
  • Post-processing and graphics optimization for an integrated graphics card
  • SFX, music, mixing and mastering using Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Unity's Audio Engine

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