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Sky Shepherd is an upcoming atmospheric adventure game where you glide through a mysterious sky world and befriend flying creatures. You play as the lone survivor of a collapsed civilization, and use your instrument to round up these creatures as you fly through the sky. It's currently in development by the indie studio Boxcastle Games with Unreal and C++ for Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game was featured as an Epic Games Spotlight Project in February 2019 and was showcased at the Intel University Games Expo during GDC 2019!

It is a 19 person project where I handled most of the gameplay and AI implementation. This includes:

  • Prototyping glider and camera movement systems for iterating with designers
  • Obstacle avoidance behavior to smoothly move the player away from collisions
  • Dynamic flocking behavior that adjusts to the player's movement and input
  • Send and follow command systems to control a variable number of agents
  • Herd idle behavior through wander movement and animations to give the AI personality
  • Launching projectiles to influence AI behavior and movement
  • Spawning system for dynamic loading and unloading of AI based on player progress
  • Waypoint based pathfinding with splines
  • Homing AI behavior to aid with player aim and intention
  • Implementing VFX provided by artists and designers
  • Movement attraction/repulsion systems that can be used for systemic design
  • Keyboard/Controller input for menus and UI
  • Options menu to fine tune graphical quality, post-processing, anti-aliasing, shadow quality and frame rate
  • Event-based menu transitions using animations and sound

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