I'm a gameplay programmer
focused on developing
engaging and unique experiences!

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  • Sky Shepherd

    Sky Shepherd

    Sky Shepherd is an upcoming atmospheric adventure game where you glide through a mysterious sky world and befriend flying creatures.…

  • Mavrick


    Mavrick is a action arcade game where players rocket their character into enemies pinball style! It was developed using Unreal,…

  • Beat Bot

    Beat Bot

    Beat Bot is a machine learning algorithm that determines the "mood" of a song. As it does this, it performs…

  • Looped


    Looped is an elegant and minimalist mobile game where you whirl around loops to get high scores and currency. It…

  • Seconds to Square

    Seconds to Square

    Seconds to Square is a momentum-based action-platformer where players draw boxes to manipulate time. It's currently in development using Unity…

  • Time Tofu

    Time Tofu

    Time Tofu is a survival based action-platformer where you shoot guns and control time. I developed it in Flash with ActionScript…