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Dyslexia VR

Dyslexia VR is a serious virtual reality game exploring the multiple forms dyslexia. The goal was to tackle the misconception that dyslexia is simply jumbling text. In reality it also affects the temporal, spatial, and logical reasoning of an individual with the condition. The game uses the Oculus Touch controllers for fine object interactions and…
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Finding Gravity VR

Finding Gravity VR is a puzzle-platformer with gravity switching mechanics that you play cooperatively in virtual reality. It's currently in development by my indie studio Grace Foundry LLC and uses Unity and C#.¬†Finding Gravity VR also earned a Project We Love from the Kickstarter Team and was successfully crowdfunded and Greenlit on Steam. It plans…
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Midnight Rider VR

Midnight Rider VR is a game that combines the smooth gun mechanics of Robo Recall with the stylish fast-paced experience of Distance. The project was a two week prototype made in Unreal Engine 4 with the primary virtual reality headset used for development being the Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch controllers. It's planned to be…
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Alchemy is an investor demo I made for the Nova device utilizing 3D Hand Tracking and 2D Gesture Recognition technology. It was developed using Unity and C# for desktop devices. It was a 4 person project where I handled all of the gameplay implementation. This includes: Developing a technical demo utilizing Leap Motion Orion to…
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