I'm a gameplay programmer
focused on developing
engaging and unique experiences!

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Midnight Rider VR

Midnight Rider VR is a game that combines the smooth gun mechanics of Robo Recall with the stylish fast-paced experience of Distance. The project was a two week prototype made in Unreal Engine 4 with the primary virtual reality headset used for development being the Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch controllers. It's planned to be…
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Sky Shepherd

Sky Shepherd is an upcoming atmospheric adventure game where you glide through a mysterious sky world and befriend flying creatures. You play as the lone survivor of a collapsed civilization, and use your instrument to round up these creatures as you fly through the sky. It's currently in development by the indie studio Boxcastle Games…
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Mavrick is a action arcade game where players rocket their character into enemies pinball style! It was developed using Unreal, C++, Blueprints and is a free desktop game released on itch.io for Windows. It is a ten person project where I handled a majority of gameplay, animation, and UI implementation. This included: Swipe gesture detection…
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